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Harnessing Technology Wisely: Elevating Every Field with Smart Systems

In today's fast-paced world, technology is key to success. At Genova Industrial Products, we specialize in smart systems that empower businesses. From cutting-edge hardware to innovative devices, we streamline processes, boost productivity, and drive innovation. Discover our range and elevate your field with smart systems.

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Reference Projects

Our contributions have been instrumental in the successful execution of a wide array of projects reaching from Italy to Canada, Brazil to France.

  • Public Parking Lots Ticket Gate and Vending Systems

  • Electronic Hardware Supplies for Security, and Camera Tracking

  • RFID Warehouse Tracking System Hardware

  • Hotel and Amusement Centers, Customized POS and Handheld Payment Devices

  • Metro Stations Ticket Vending Devices & Hardware

  • Fuel and Gas Stations Automation System Hardware

  • RFID & NFC Hardware

  • IoT R&D Projects Hardware Supplies

  • Smart Agriculture Automation Systems Hardware

  • Smart Supermarket Shopping Industrial Computer Hardware

  • Kitchen, Home and Spa Appliances MCU and Semiconductor Supply

  • Automated Control Systems Original Branded Semiconductors Supply

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  • In Shenzhen Since 2010

    Genova Industrial Products offers comprehensive sourcing, procurement, and logistics services from Shenzhen. Our team in Shenzhen is dedicated to delivering solutions for diverse devices and modules as the worldwide distributor for leading brands of "Embedded Industrial Computers, IoT and Wireless Hardware"

  • Project Partnership

    We collaborate as project partners with software companies worldwide, including the United States, Italy, France, South Africa, Kazakhstan, UK, and Turkey. Our companies in Irvine and Kocaeli efficiently manages import process, wholesale storage and product distribution. We invite you to contact us for further details.

  • Worldwide E-Commerce

    The Antalya branch oversees sales and marketing on prominent e-commerce platforms such as EBAY, Walmart USA, Amazon USA, Google, Aliexpress,and our proprietary e-commerce website. We provide significant wholesale discount advantages to eligible customers through our "Loyalty System."

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