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Founded in the hub of IoT and Digital Electronics, Shenzhen in 2010. Focused on Industrial Hardware in Digital Electronics and representing numerous industrial computer and module developers.

Genova Industrial Products aims to establish win-win cooperation based on its own “Liability System” (Sign Up Required). Based on a long-term commitment, we offer significant benefits such as special discounts and free of charge services to our eligible customers. Contact us to learn more.


Our experts offer the most compatible hardware at bargain prices. We
supply original and new hardware, refurbished supplies not available.

From South Africa to Canada, Brazil to France, with customers all around the world, we have contributed to the following projects.

  • Fuel and Gas Stations Automation System Hardware

    Metro Stations Ticket Vending Devices & Hardware

    Public Parking Lots Ticket Gate and Vending SystemsElectronic Hardware Supplies for Security, Face Recognition and Camera Tracking

    RFID Warehouse Tracking System Hardware

    Hotel and Amusement Centers RFID & NFC Hardware

    Customized POS and Handheld Payment Devices

  • IoT R&D Projects Hardware Supplies

    Smart Agriculture Automation Systems Hardware

    Smart Supermarket Shopping Industrial Computer Hardware

    Kitchen, Home and Spa Appliances Original Branded MCU and Semiconductor Supply

    Automated Control Systems Original Branded Semiconductors Supply

    Medical Devices Manufacturing Original Branded Semiconductors Supply

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